NOTE: Some of these sheet music uses Finale format, please download and install the latest version of Finale Reader (FREE) to open the sheet music files. Newer sheet music will use pdf format.

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Final Fantasy I
- Prelude
- Cornelia
- Main Theme
- Chaos' Temple
- Save Music

Final Fantasy II
- Waltz
- Dead Music

Final Fantasy III
- Crystal Room
- Let's Play the Piano
- Let's Play the Piano Again!

Final Fantasy IV
- Castle Damcyan
- Welcome to Our Town

Final Fantasy V
- Sadness
- A Presentiment

Final Fantasy VI
- Overture
- Forever Rachel
- Dancing Mad

Final Fantasy VII
- Aeris' Theme
- Aeris' Theme Version 2
- FFVII Main Theme
- cid's Theme
- Lurking in the Darkness
- One Winged Angel
- Continue?

Final Fantasy VIII
- Liberi Fatali
- Balamb Garden

Final Fantasy IX
- Terra
- Good Night
- Fairy Battle
- Melodies of Life
- Mage vs. Mage
- Rhythm of Immortality

Final Fantasy X
- To Zanarkand
- Tidus' Theme

Gears of War 2
- Autumn of Mankind

- The melodies of Nobuo Uematsu
- Aria de Mezzo Carattere (PNO, VOX)